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People Receiving Services Want Support Staff Who:


Treat people with dignity and respect.


Create and support opportunities for successful connections in the community.


Help people have a life!


Support people to be safe and healthy


Really listen to what people are saying and value what is important to them.


Promote each person’s goals and preferences

These unique qualities are what we are looking for in applicants for positions with Support Systems, Inc.

What are Staff Trained to do?

Support Staff are trained to provide assistance in many areas including:

  • Respecting people’s goals and dreams.
  • Connecting to the community
  • Money management
  • Personal care assistance
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Maintaining a clean and sanitary home
  • Health and medication
  • Safety skills
  • Obtain and keep employment

How are Employees Screened and Selected?

Employees of Support Systems, Inc. are entrusted with the most important responsibility of supporting people who have chosen our company for services.  We complete several steps to assure that employees are trustworthy, able, and committed to the well being of those whom they are supporting.  These include:

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Abuse and Neglect Checks
  • Review of Driving Records
  • Reference Checks

A Note from Support Systems, Inc. President and CEO

Dear applicant,
We would like to thank you for your interest in employment with Support Systems, Inc. We feel that we are able to provide a comfortable working atmosphere in what we hope you will find to be a challenging and rewarding experience.

We expect all employees to embrace and commit to our Mission, Philosophy, and Code of Ethics as we support the most important people – those who have selected Support Systems, Inc. to be their service provider.

We realize that the success of the people that we serve is directly dependent on your ability and willingness to position people in our services first and foremost in all that we do. This too will dictate your success as an employee of Support Systems, Inc.

Success of all associated with Support Systems, Inc. is our primary goal. In order to accomplish this, your expectations of this company are important to us and our expectations of you will be clearly outlined. Most importantly however, are the expectations of both of us, by those that we serve.

If we can mutually agree that together we can make a positive difference in someone’s world and can assist them in meeting their personal goals, we look forward to a lasting and rewarding relationship.


Julie Wald


Job Positions

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Direct Support Professional (DSP) - Grand Forks, ND




Direct Support Professionals will assure that people choosing services from Support Systems, Inc. will receive the highest quality of support and service available.



My Direct Support Professional (DSP) must be willing to carry out and share responsibilities, must always be on time for shifts, must be totally honest and must respect confidential information. They must be committed to my support and to the accomplishment of my hopes and dreams. They must have abilities in the areas of community access and connections, personal support and household management, while promoting the maximum independence for me possible.


  1. Ensure that my home maintains an orientation towards my needs and desires and provides individualized support as I direct.
  2. Accept and work within established household routines.
  3. Accept assigned responsibilities for laundry, shopping, meal planning and preparation, and household cleaning.
  4. Assist with household budgeting and finances as requested.
  5. Help me to be a part of my community in every way that I can and want.
  6. Help me to be connected to family, friends, and activities that are important to me.
  7. Is fully competent in my appropriate transfer and physical support procedures as needed.
  8. Help with hygiene and daily health needs, including medication.
  9. Assist with arrangements for medical and dental appointments when requested to do so.
  10. Is current in First Aid and CPR certification, medication certification, and therapeutic response.
  11. Welcome my family, friends, and other visitors with courtesy and respect.
  12. Be on time and attend to my schedule as directed.
  13. Maintain accurate time sheets for hours worked and mileage sheets for transportation provided.
  14. Ensure that Support Systems, Inc. is notified in case of accidents or incidents as required by established Incident Reporting procedures per state licensing and accreditation standards.
  15. Attend my planning meetings and /or evaluations whenever possible.
  16. Protect my privacy and respect my confidential matters.
  17. Is knowledgeable of how to protect me from abuse, neglect and exploitation and follows legally mandated reporting requirements.
  18. Support me to exercise my rights and practice informed decision-making.



  1. Provide direct training and support in all areas of Personal Outcome Measures as directed by Overall Support Plans.
  2. Assure that prescribed documentation is completed for each person at the completion of all assigned shifts.
  3. Follow delegated medication and health support policies and procedures, including, but not limited to administration of prescribed medications, refill of medications as needed, and attendance to medical appointments.
  4. Assure that each person is always safe in any environment encountered and that all emergency procedures are followed as written.
  5. Assist people to complete daily household and personal care tasks to the extent requested and needed, while promoting independence in all areas to the maximum possible level.
  6. Attend all required staff meetings, inservices, and training activities as assigned.
  7. Complete all mandated training requirements and maintain required annual certifications.
  8. Assist with meal preparations and follow specified menus and diet plans.
  9. Follow all Support Systems, Inc. policies and procedures.
  10. Promote complete community involvement and participation as directed by each person assigned to support.
  11. Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by supervisory staff.



Education: Minimum of high school diploma or G.E.D. and desire to support persons in their homes to achieve maximum independence.


Skills and Abilities: Well-developed interpersonal skills.  Ability to get along with others.  Ability to organize day-to-day activities.  Ability to communicate verbally and in written form.

Support Coordinator - Grand Forks, ND



DESCRIPTION:  Case manage and ensure that people have the best possible health, safety, community connections, and natural supports as outlined in the  Personal Outcome Measures.  Responsible for all of the Basic Assurances in each person’s life and accurate documentation of all activities.



  • People are connected to natural supports.
  • People have intimate relationships.
  • People are safe.
  • People have the best possible health.
  • People exercise rights.
  • People are treated fairly.
  • People are free from abuse and neglect.
  • People experience continuity and security.
  • People decide when to share personal information.
  • People choose where and with whom they live.
  • People choose where they work.
  • People use their environments.
  • People live in integrated environments.
  • People interact with other members of the community.
  • People perform different social roles.
  • People choose services.
  • People choose personal goals.
  • People realize personal goals.
  • People participate in the life of the community.
  • People have friends.
  • People are respected.



  • Conduct Personal Outcome/Assessment interviews at least annually for each person. Summarize and distribute to all team members. Analyze interview information and all supporting information to determine the presence or absence of Personal Outcomes for each person.  Assure that all areas needing support are addressed and that adequate strategies are in place to support the presence of all Personal Outcomes.
  • Facilitate and write Overall Service Plans at least annually for each person on assigned caseload. Facilitate team meetings and update the Overall Service Plans as needed and/or requested.  Provide well written and clear minutes, objective strategies, and supports for each team meeting held.  Assure that all team members are kept informed of any changes, updates, in each person’s life.  Assure that all meeting minutes are distributed to team members in a timely manner.
  • Review, evaluate and document each person’s monthly progress towards personal goal achievement and the effectiveness of supports and training.
  • Assure that all assessments are current and outcome-based.
  • Liaison with consultants and other service providers to assure that needed services and supports are individualized and outcome-based.
  • Assure that all people are connected to family and friends. Assure that people’s support networks are satisfactory and assist to expand networks as each person desires.  Assure that all related information is documented and teams are aware of current networks and where support is needed.
  • Review, analyze, and track all General Event Reports (GER’s). Assure that the best possible risk management steps are taken.  Assure that all staff are skilled in the areas of needed support, recommend necessary training for those staff and consumers who need additional training.  Responsible for assuring that all GER’s are documented accurately and posted within 24 hours of event time.
  • Conduct direct observation of people in their home and day/work environments to assure satisfaction and progress towards achievement of personal goals/outcomes at least monthly in each setting.
  • Provide coaching and direction to Supervisors and circles of Support Staff for each person so that unified support and strategies occur towards personal goal and outcome accomplishment as identified in the Overall Service Plans.
  • Maintain and promote open communication lines with the natural support networks identified by each person.
  • Assist people with maintaining the best possible health by facilitating medical and psychiatric appointments and assuring that all recommendations of medical professionals are communicated and followed. Must be knowledgeable of each person’s medications, purpose, side effects, effectiveness, and assure that optimum safety of medication administration is carried out.
  • Know and understand each person’s diagnoses, the areas of life impacted by the diagnoses, the characteristics of the diagnoses, and assure that the best possible supports are being provided to each person.
  • Assure that all areas of potential risk are addressed for each person and that the safest possible environments are present. Assure that all Fire/Safety/Environmental checks are completed as scheduled for the person’s living arrangement.  Assure that all areas of potential risk are addressed in a timely manner.  Documentation of all actions is clear and concise.
  • Responsible for assuring that each person has adequate financial resources, including access to all possible assistance programs, monitor each person’s personal budget, and assure that each person has adequate housing, finances, food, clothing and all related areas of personal need.
  • Protect the rights of each person on assigned caseload by monitoring the exercising of all universal rights, assuring that only the least restrictive limitations are implemented, assure that all limitations have adequate due process, assure advocacy services and promote supportive guardianship connections.
  • Monitor and review behavior support plans, assuring that due process is accomplished and that the least restrictive strategies are implemented.
  • Follow all procedures for identifying, reporting, and eliminating any potential or suspected situations of abuse, neglect, exploitation, or mistreatment. SUPPORT COORDINATORS ARE MANDATORY REPORTERS.
  • The Support Coordinator is responsible for knowing and providing all of the necessary supports that each person on the assigned caseload. Every team member will rely on the expertise of the Support Coordinator for direction and leadership regarding all services and supports provided to each person.




  • People accomplish their personal goals! And celebrate them!
  • People and families on your caseload feel that they are the most important and that their feelings, preferences, dreams, and goals are your priority!
  • People have personalized current Support Plans that effective and being carried out.
  • People are free from abuse/neglect/exploitation/mistreatment.
  • People are safe and all potential risks are mitigated effectively.
  • People have the best possible health.
  • People are active and participating members of their communities.
  • Company resources are used efficiently and to provide superior services.
  • Persons served, families, and case management are satisfied with services provided.



Skills and abilities: 

  • Well developed interpersonal skills.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a human service related field. Minimum one year of experience in the field of developmental disabilities.  Preference will be given to persons with at least two years experience and certification in the field of service of people with developmental disabilities.
  • Must have valid driver’s license and an acceptable driving record.
  • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing is necessary to meet the responsibilities of this position.
  • Must be able to organize tasks and responsibilities to assure that all required timelines are met.

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